Save water with low-water groundcover…Kurapia!

Kurapia is a newly developed, highly versatile groundcover. It requires little maintenance and needs less water than a regular lawn. It’s sturdy structure makes it ideal for many uses in your yard. Most of the year, the plant is covered in beautiful small, white flowers.
Kurapia was bred from the native plant Lippia Nodiflora found in the coastal regions of Japan. It is highly tolerant of saline, acidic and basic soils. Kurapia has already revolutionized landscape management in Japan and now we can provide premium landscape solutions here in California. Contact us today for a quote!

Close-up of Kurapia’s beautiful small, white flowers. Kurapia is a sterile selection that will not produce seed, and is not invasive. Additional features include excellent soil stabilization even on steep slopes, strong weed suppression, very good tolerance of a range of soil types, pH levels, and salinity, and minimal maintenance requirements.

What customers say about Kurapia!